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How to meditate effectively?

Kundalini Awakening

ramlal ji siyag

“Yoga can not be accomplished without God’s name”

“I will Introduce You to the one who is inside you.”

“In our Spiritual Science every disease is curable even if Medical Science have declared that as Incurable.”

“Youth is the time for acquisition of Spiritual Knowledge”

Nath Sect Monastery Kajalvas Dham: Kajalvas(Kajaliyavas) is a proven and famous site of the Nath sect at the foothills of the Goram mountain of the Aravali mountain range. Kajalvas has been the place of Naths since time immemorial. This place…

Baba Sri Gangainathji Yogi was a ascetic Yogi of the I Panthi Nath sect. He was born in Sirma village (Gram Panchayat Kot Kirana, Tehsil Raipur, District-Pali). He had completely devoti toward God since childhood. He was initiated in Nath…

Guru Siyag Samadhi Sthal, Palana

“I believe in the Vedic doctrine “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”, (Earth is a family) so I am eager to reach out to millions of people abroad, especially the people of the West, and Offer them this unique spiritual knowledge. As Swami Vivekananda…

How to meditate effectively?