Benefits of Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga

Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag, is blessed with the power fo shaktipat which awakens the kundalini Shakti of the spiritual aspirant. Gurudev Siyag gives Shaktipat Diksha through a divine word (Sanjeewani Mantra).

  • Freedom from all physical diseases like-cancer, HIV(Aids), Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Hepatitis, Hemophilia(Genetic Diseases), Migraine, Back Pain etc. Including those considered incurable by medical science.
  • Freedom from all kinds of mental problems like depression, blood pressure, phobia, sleeplessness, anger etc.
  • Freedom from all types of addictions such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, opium, chewing tobacco etc. without suffering any withdrawal symptoms.
  • Spiritual enlightenment gives knowledge about the indefinite past and future during meditation and provides guidance through intuition.
  • Attainment of both worldly pleasures and spiritual enlightenment while living a family life.
  • Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga is especially beneficial to students as it improves their concentration, grasping ability & retention power.
  • ‘The complete evolution of human being is the realization of God.’