Involuntary Yogic Movements

During meditation, many practitioners experience yogic postures and body movements happening automatically. The practitioner can neither start, stop nor control these yogic Kriyas (body movements) will-fully.

These Kriyas are specifically unique to each practitioner like a custom-made program. This is because the divine force that is at work here through Guru Siyag’s spiritual power knows exactly which specific postures the practitioner needs to undergo to rid himself of body and mind ailments, and to progress on the spiritual path.

The yogic postures under Siddha Yoga are therefore not standardised nor are they orchestrated wilfully like those in a conventional yoga school. An observer watching people participate in group meditation under Siddha Yoga is often astonished to notice that almost each participant undergoes different yogic postures. Most practitioners also experience a sense of exhilaration and joy during meditation that they had never experienced before.