Philosophy of Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga

What is Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga ?

Siddha Yoga is based on the philosophy of Yoga as propounded by ancient sage Matsyendra Nath and codified later by another sage Patanjali in a treatise titled ‘Yoga Sutra’ several thousand years ago. Mythology has it that Matsyendra Nath was the first human to learn of Yoga from Lord Shiva, who is the embodiment of the eternal supreme consciousness, in the latter’s celestial abode in the Himalayas. The sage was asked to gift the knowledge of Yoga to mankind for its salvation. The knowledge and wisdom contained in Yoga was handed down from ages to ages in the time honored Guru-Shishya (master-disciple) tradition. Guru is therefore an institution in the Yoga tradition, which is central to the practice of Yoga.

Yoga is considered an integral tool of the vast body of Vedic (Hindu) literature that covers the whole gamut of Indian spirituality. The ‘Yoga Sutra’, containing just 195 aphorisms, lucidly elucidates the eight stages of the ‘Ashtang’ (eight-fold) Yoga, which a seeker passes through as he progresses along the spiritual path.

Yoga is immensely beneficial in curing bodily and mental diseases and restoring and harmonizing the psycho-physical balance in a human body. However, using it for this purpose alone is to leave out its sole aim — liberating the seeker from the bondage of Karmas (actions), which tie him down to the perennial cycle of life and death.