Jamsar Dham


Baba Sri Gangainathji Yogi was a ascetic Yogi of the I Panthi Nath sect. He was born in Sirma village (Gram Panchayat Kot Kirana, Tehsil Raipur, District-Pali). He had completely devoti toward God since childhood. He was initiated in Nath sect. (Aai- panth/Maa-ee panth/mother power panth) His early Austerity period was spent in Asthalbhore Akhara (Haryana),Goram Ghat (Rajasthan) and Himachal Pradesh.Then after He was bring by Yoga shakti to kajalwas by Yogi Baba Shri Bhaunath ji, who Was doing penance place called Kajalvas ( lively mausoleum of eleven Naths), He and gave Him power of Shaktipat initation , after some years Gangainath ji came to Jaamsar Village, it’s locketed 27 kilometers in northern side of Bikaner District, He had spent His rest days of life doing hard Austerity at Jaamsar.

In April 1983 He called Guru Siyag by his yogic Powers and handover all his spiritual assets with the power of Shaktipat initation, and command Guru Siyag to distribute this Spiritual Heritage to welfare of mankind.

On 31 December 1983, at 5.24 am, Baba Shri Gangainathji Yogi left His corporal body and was buried in Jamsar. Presently this place is located 27 km north of Bikaner city on Sriganganagar road.

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