Kajalvas Dham

Nath Sect Monastery Kajalvas Dham:

Kajalvas(Kajaliyavas) is a proven and famous site of the Nath sect at the foothills of the Goram mountain of the Aravali mountain range.

Kajalvas has been the place of Naths since time immemorial. This place keeps telling the saga of its amazing spiritual history even today from the mouth of the believers.

Several Siddhas of the twelfth sect of the Nath sect, named I Panth (cult of Mai / Shakti worshiper), performed intense penance here and revealed many sensational experiences on the basis of Tapobal(Tenacity Power) . These Siddhas located in Kajalvas attained perfection in living body and took lively samadhis (Lively mausoleum).

Shri Dhoram Nath Ji (Guru), Dhundala Nath Ji (disciple) was famous because they both have taken Lively mausoleum together several thousand years ago this is the only One Tomb in the whole world . A single Tomb of guru-disciples .

There are eleven Lively mausoleum Tombs also available of eleven other Naths who had Gurudoom whom names are thus.

  1. Shri Dhundala Nath Ji (disciple)
  2. Shri Dhoram Nath Ji (Guru)
    (Guru-disciple both took Lively mausoleum together, and both have only one Tomb)
  3. Shri Amalia Nath Ji
  4. Shri Chirpatia Nath Ji
  5. Shri Mota Rawal Ji
  6. Shri Kanhaiya Nath Ji
  7. Shri Nirmal Nath Ji
  8. Shri Ganganathji Maharaj
  9. Shri Dolat Nath Ji
  10. Shri Machand Nath Ji
  11. Shri Bhaunath Ji Maharaj

The last Living Tomb at Kajalwas is that of Shri Bhaunath ji, who assigned the Guru post to Baba Sri Gangainath ji and ordered him to do penance in Jamsar and here (Jamsar) Baba Sri Gangainathji performed austerities. Kajalvas Dham is located 3 km from the village of Sirihari, near Dingaur peyau , and 25 kilometers from MarwarJn . This place is located in the middle of Aravali hills. Devothe people come here to pay their gratitude.

Jai Gurudev