Cases Cured

Cases Cured

Cases Cured: When the Kundalini awakens by this method, the practitioner experiences involuntary body movements known as Kriyas. The kriyas are in the form of aasan, bandh (locks) or pranayam (breathing exercises). The practioner may also experience increase in body heat, shivering, shaking or may see lights or colors. The kriyas have a healing or curing effect on the body. Only that part of the body experiences kriya which is ailing.(For instance if your shoulder hurts, only the shoulder will experience kriyas and through these will be healed). Kriyas occur only during meditation.

AIDS Cured

I Badrinarayan s/o Shri Joraram Ji, after suffering from fever for prolonged time showed to Dr. C P Joshi on 13.09.2001 who carried out blood test and confirmed HIV +ve. Doctors started the treatment, but there was no relief, day by day my health was detoriating. Illness had taken its worst form, whole body had swollen and lumps had formed. Then my brother in law showed me to Dr. M K Singhi and carried out blood test from Mumbai. Doctor said disease had taken its worst form and now he will live for few days only so take him to home.

In that duration my neighbour Shri Gangaram Ji came to see me. He got worried after looking my situation. He said you cannot be cured by medicines because Aids is incurable disease. If you meditate on our Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag’s image then you can be cured. He then put the photograph of Gurudev Siyag just above my bed and asked me to meditate at Ajna Chakra, at the centre of forehead. I started meditating and yogic movements started. Within four days swelling disappeared.

I meditated while lying on bed in the hospital. Within 50days I was completely ok. I had started moving and taking diet. First my weight was 43 kg but now after continuous meditation my weight increased to 48kg. After this I went to Kota on 22.05.2003 and took mantra initiation from Gurudev. Today I am completely OK and my body weighs 56kgs.

On 07.07.2003 I once again carried out test with the same laboratory that I had gone for test previously and showed report to the doctor. My CD4 count had decreased to 121/GL and CD8 count had increased to 79.7 and ratio of CD4/CD8 that had fallen to 0.11 during my illness. Now after meditation my CD4 had increased to 277/GL, whereas CD8 was decreased to 58.2/GL and CD4/CD8 ratio had also increased to 0.33. According to science this was impossible. Doctors concluded; this could happen by Gurudev’s meditation only.

Thus I urge all the patients suffering from this disease that all the diseases can be cured from meditation of Gurudev’s Meditation and Mantra Chanting without intake of medicine.

Name – Badrinarayan s/o Shri Joraram
Boranada, Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

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Cancer Cured

My name is Rameshwar Prasad, I am a truck driver. In March 2011 I felt a pain in the throat, I was in Gujarat at that time. My pain went on increasing day by day, and it became difficult to drive the vehicle. I showed to the doctors at the SMS hospital Jaipur, they declared it to be Cancer, and my report was sent to Bombay for verification, and from there, the Cancer report was confirmed. Then I showed at the private Mahavir Cancer hospital at Jaipur, after seeing the report, they began to give the Chemotherapy, and they wrote 45 doses of Chemotherapy.

My condition was very bad, in my mouth, above side of the tongue, a new tongue like had emerged, because of which I couldn’t even drink water also, and it had become difficult for me to breath also. At night time, I couldn’t even sleep because of the pain, I used to spend the whole night without sleep. Slowly, even after getting 33 doses of Chemotherapy, my condition was going on deteriorating continuously.

In May 2011, my nephew Maleram showed me the CD of Gurudev, and asked me to do the intense chanting of Gurudev’s mantra. He made me to do the meditation, while sitting along with him. 2-3 days I couldn’t get into the state of meditation, then I did an intense prayer to Gurudev, that, either he shall cure my disease, otherwise he shall get me out of this world. Then I began to get into the meditation state, and a sweet fluid began to come in the mouth (Khechari Mudra), and my pain disappeared. 

After 8 days, when I showed it to the doctor, he was surprised to see that my second tongue like thing in the mouth had disappeared, and I had come there walking normally, even after Chemotherapy, whereas, after 33 doses of Chemotherapy, people are bought on a Stretcher, they don’t remain fit for even walking also, that time also I kept on doing the intense chanting of Guru Mantra.

One day, at night, I saw that a black man wearing black clothes, who didn’t have hairs on his head, was coming towards me, an Axe was kept near me, I took the Axe in the hand and I told him that, if he came towards me I shall hit him. At that moment, suddenly Gurudev appeared and told me to go out, and said that he shall talk with that black man. After that, when I woke in the morning, then my pain had disappeared completely. 

After that I got full confidence on Gurudev, and I threw off all the medicines, and I surrendered(internally), fully in the feet of Gurudev.

Today I am completely well by the grace of Gurudev, and now I have also began to take the food, earlier the mouth used to remain dry, now the secretion of saliva in the mouth has also started. All I want to say to all the people is that, if all of you people do the meditation of Gurudev, then you will definitely get the result, because I have also got it.

Gurudev has given me a new life, this body is because of Gurudev only. In my house, my nephews wife had become mad. Doctors at Jaipur had declared her to be mad. My nephew made her to sit along with him and did the chanting of the mantra, and he made her also to do it, and today, by the grace of Gurudev, She is completely well, and She is doing all the household work properly.

Name – Rameshwarprasad Jat S/o Sri Manguramji Jat,

Jogiyon Ka Baas, Mangupura, Shahpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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Hemophilia Cured

Smt. Sunita and Ghanshyam Choudhary state that our Son Hemant who is eleven years old now. Was suffering from Hemophilia since birth. When hemanth was One and half years old, he suffered an head injury, and he was given the treatment and operation was done, due to excess blood loss, he was also injected two bottles of blood. After two months, he suffered an injury on the tongue, and the bleeding didn’t stop for seven days.

Then he was admitted at the Ummed Hospital of Jodhpur. After that, on 23.05.2002 he again fell down and got an injury, and the same problem occurred. On such repeated incidents, Dr. Manoj Lakhotia asked to test the blood factor 8 and 9 on 24.08.2001, at Ranbaxy Lab, Mumbai, which revealed that Hemanth was suffering from Hemophilia. Dr. Lakhotia said that there’s no permanent cure for this in the medical science.

One day, our relative  came to our house and said to take Hemanth to Pujya Sadgurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag. We took initiation from Gurudev on 31.07.2003 at Bikaner and requested Gurudev for cure of his disease. After that we continued the name-chant and meditation. Within 10-15 days Hemant started improving And now Hemanth is completely well.

Now on injury or with falling teeths he gets little blood but without Gurudev’s Grace it stops. We request people suffering from Haemophillia and various other diseases that By Gurudev’s Meditation and Mantra Chanting any disease can be cured without intake of medicine. This is our firm belief.
Name – Ghanshyam Choudhary
16, Vyas Colony, Nagour, Rajasthan


Cancer Cured

I was initiated from Gurudev Siyag on 29th June 1995. On 2nd day I prepared all family members to meditate on Gurudev’s photograph. After that I organised a meditation session during prayer time in my school. After this I started organising Gurudev’s meditation sessions in various other schools and with other people. With Gurudev’s Grace people suffering from Aids and Cancer started getting relief. I would like to narrate an incident which is very important in my life.

My nephew Pukhraj s/o Prahlad Ram aged 14 years suddenly suffered stomach ache in January 2003. After having treatment in Barmer Hospital , he was operated in MG Hospital in Jodhpur. After sometime knot formed once again. Test was carried at Ahmedabad Hospital which showed Cancer. He was admitted in hospital where swelling in stomach was observed, from where he was transferred to Jodhpur.

Since swelling was not going we took him to PBM Hospital Bikaner where he was given Chemotherapy . After coming to home there was swelling in legs and internal organs. All the efforts of Medical Science proved to be futile. Inspite of wasting huge amount of money, there was no relief.  

Then  I brought him to Gurudev’s meditation camp and after initiating from Gurudev I started his meditation and mantra chanting. After sometime, I saw gradual improvement in his health. Knot at the back got punctured and vanished.

After that he didn’t took any medicine and he became healthy. Due to Chemotheraphy head which had become bald, now hair started coming. Its my humble advice that all the people must meditate on Gurudev’s image and so they can get rid of problems.
Name – Laxman Ram Choudhary
Ram Nagar, Barmer  

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