FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) | General Questions about Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga GSSY | Questions about mantra-diksha (initiation) programs | Questions about practicing GSSY | Experiencing GSSY | Questions about the divine mantra.

I can reply you thousand times more if you ask me internally rather than what can I reply you  externally.  – Gurudev Sh. Ramlal Ji Siyag 

“Respectful Dedication”

This auspicious message of Sanatana Dharma, with the words, ‘Nothing have I that is mine, all belongs to you”, is dedicated with all reverence to the lotus feet of my saviour Gurudev, pious Sant, Baba Shri Gangainath Ji. – Ch. Ramlal Siyag

General questions about GSSY

Questions about mantra-diksha (initiation) programs

Questions about practicing GSSY

Experiencing GSSY

Questions about the divine mantra.

General questions about GSSY
Is GSSY free of charge?
Yes, GSSY is completely free of charge.
Do I have to attend classes or courses to practice GSSY?
No, you do not have to attend any classes or courses. All you have to do is chant the divine mantra given by Guru Siyag and practice GSSY meditation.
Should I have prior knowledge of Yoga or the Vedas to gain from GSSY?
A seeker need not necessarily have theoretical knowledge of Yoga or Vedic philosophy to practice GSSY. All a seeker needs is an intense desire and willingness to submit himself to Guru Siyag to qualify for his blessings and guidance.
How old should you be to be able to practice GSSY?
Anyone of five years and over can do the meditation. This means children, young, middle-aged or old can do the meditation.
Do I have to dress in a particular way to practice GSSY?
No. You can wear whatever you want while meditating.
Can I meditate without being initiated by Guru Siyag?
Yes you can. Please read the section ‘How to Meditate’ to follow the method of meditation.
Can I recommend Siddha Yoga to someone without being initiated?
Can I meditate for someone else?
Yes, you can meditate for a person who is very close to your heart, someone you care deeply about if he/she is not able to meditate for some reason — for instance a child, an unconscious person or someone averse to spirituality. When you meditate you don’t need to have this particular person or people in mind, instead ask for peace. Your peace includes all aspects of your existence. The Kundalini will work on all those areas of your life that disturb you in any way and bring you peace.
If I don’t do GSSY regularly, will it adversely affect me?
No. However, you will be slow in experiencing the benefits of GSSY.
Does this Yoga belong to a specific religion?
No. It is for all religions, races, creeds, classes, sects etc. It is for humanity.
What is the aim of this Yoga?
Spiritual Evolution and Divine Transformation of Mankind.

Questions about mantra-diksha (initiation) programs.
Is there any dress code to attend Diksha (Initiation) programs?
There is no dress code for participants in the Diksha programs.
Who can attend the diksha programs?
The programs are open to all irrespective of their gender, age, race, religion or nationality.
What do I do if I am not able to come for an initiation program?
If you cannot attend an initiation program, there are three other ways in which you can receive diksha. To read these methods please click on the link “How to Get Mantra.
Questions about practicing GSSY
Does GSSY involve performing any kind of exercises?
No. You don’t have to do any kind of exercise. Movements which are necessary for your body will happen automatically during meditation.
What kind of lifestyle or routine will I have to follow?
You don’t have to change anything about your current lifestyle or routine nor do you have to adopt a new lifestyle. Continue whatever you were doing before you began GSSY.
Is there a particular or preferable time for meditation?
No. You can meditate at any time that is convenient to you. There is no fixed or preferable time for meditation.
For how long do I meditate?
15 minutes at a time. For people living in cold climates or during winter, Guru Siyag suggests that this time limit could be increased from 15 minutes to half an hour or even an hour. The awakened Kundalini is a powerful form of energy and may increase body heat. If the practitioner wants to meditate for longer periods, it is preferable to do so in a cold climate.
How many times in a day should I meditate?
There is no fixed number. However, Guru Siyag suggests disciples to meditate at least twice a day.
Do I set an alarm before sitting down to meditate?
No. Before sitting down to meditate, mentally set a time-limit. You will automatically come out of meditation in that much time. Siddha Yoga works with a divine help, which ensures that the meditation lasts only until the time limit mentally set by the practitioner before commencing meditation.
Can I get up in the middle of the meditation, if something suddenly requires my attention?
Yes, you can get up, finish your task and then sit down again to meditate.
Can I meditate after eating?
Not immediately. Allow a 3 to 4-hour gap and then meditate. Don’t meditate on a full stomach.
Where can I sit to meditate?
Anywhere. On a chair, couch, on a mat, floor, lying down in bed etc.
What direction do I sit in?
In any direction that is convenient to you.
Is it necessary to sit in solitude to meditate?
No. Once you are acclimatised to the meditation, you can do it in crowded places.
Can I meditate in a group, with other people?
Yes. Even though it will help you more.
What should I keep in mind while meditating?
Only two things: Concentrate on Guru Siyag’s image and silenty chant The Mantra or any other divine word if you are not initiated.
What do I do when I am not meditating?
You can chant the divine mantra given by Guru Siyag. The key to progressing quickly on this path is continuous, round-the-clock chanting of the mantra. The chanting of the mantra can be done at all times of the day and while performing various activities: while working, studying, driving, in the bathroom etc.
How long do I have to chant the divine mantra?
The chanting of Mantra becomes automatic when it is repeated continuously over a certain period of time. This however depends directly on the degree of intensity, faith and sincerity with which the chanting is done. In some cases the chanting becomes automatic just over a week while some other cases it takes a fortnight or even few months. The practitioner is strongly advised not to give up if he/she finds the progress to be slow. He/she will eventually catch up.

Experiencing GSSY
What may one experience during GSSY meditation?
Many practitioners experience involuntary yogic exercises or body movements such as swaying, bending forward or backward, nodding of head, rapid swinging of head from one end to another, inflating or deflating of belly, uncoordinated movements of hands, prostrating on the floor, clapping, laughing or crying. Some perform gestures of prayers to God during meditation. Some others experience the presence of divine bright lights, scents or sound and visions and revelations, in which they can witness the events that have taken place in the past or those that are destined happen in the future.
Do beginners have trouble focusing?
Beginners find it difficult initially to hold their wandering mind on to one spot and focus on Guru Siyag’s form. Greater distraction is caused by waves of thoughts constantly crashing through mind. However, a practitioner needs to go on practicing patiently without getting upset or losing hope. He will soon realize that his concentration is improving very fast. External sounds or thoughts begin to give way to a new calm.
How do I know that my Kundalini has awakened?
Involuntary Yogic movements, visions, curing of diseases, positive changes in personality etc. are some of the signs that the Kundalini has awakened.
I don’t experience anything during meditation. What does this mean? Am I not progressing? Am I getting the technique right?
You are progressing. It is not necessary to experience ‘something’ during meditation. Introspect and you will see great positive changes in your personality.
If I am not ill or addicted to any substance, i.e., I am healthy, how will I benefit from GSSY?
You will progress quickly in your spiritual journey as you are not bound down by physical entrapments.
I have heard and read that the awakening of the Kundalini is extremely dangerous, is this true?
No. Since the Kundalini is awakened by a Siddha (Empowered) Guru, Guru Siyag, he is the one who monitors and controls its progress. It is thus perfectly safe.
Are there any side effects to GSSY?
Are yogic kriyas something to fear?
A beginner sometimes panics when he/she experiences some of these involuntary yogic movements, thinking that something has either gone wrong or he/she has been ‘seized’ by some unseen force. But these fears are unfounded. In fact these Yogic Kriyas or body movements are ordained by the divine force and are specifically unique to each practitioner like a custom-made program. An unattached observer watching people participate in group meditation under GSSY is often astonished to notice that almost each participant undergoes different yogic postures. The automatic body movements may seem strange and somewhat alarming to an observer. However, most practitioners undergoing these movements experience a sense of exhilaration and joy during meditation that they had never experienced before.

Questions about the divine mantra
I have received The Mantra from Guru Siyag, but my wife / son / daughter / mother etc., has not. Can I tell them The Mantra?
No. The Mantra is secret and can be given only from the Guru to the disciple and cannot be revealed to anyone who is not initiated by Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag.
Is the mantra different for each person?
No. The Mantra is the same for each person who receives initiation from Guru Siyag.
What happens if I tell this Mantra to someone?
The divine mantra given by Guru Siyag is secret. DO NOT reveal the Secret Mantra to anyone even if the person happens to be your close relation such as husband, wife, child or parent. Although the Mantra is given in an open public session, divine law restricts the practitioner from passing it on to others or saying it loudly. Violation of this code renders the mantra ineffective, and the erring practitioner cannot hope to benefit from the practice of Siddha Yoga during his entire life time nor does he/she receive blessings and Grace of Gurudev.
Questions about healing and curing through GSSY

Do diseases really get cured? Is every disease cured?
Yes. This requires intense belief, faith and dedication on the part of the practitioner towards practice of GSSY. Your disease will not be cured if you do not have faith in GSSY or are not earnest about the practice.
If I have a disease, can I continue to take medication?
Yes. You can do so until you have complete faith in GSSY. When you feel your faith growing, you can gradually reduce your intake of medicines.
If I have a disease, and want to try out other alternatives – treatments, other kinds of Yoga, therapies – can I do so?
You can do so at your own choice. However, we strongly recommend that you give GSSY a sincere try before resorting to other alternatives. You will not get desired results from GSSY if your faith and energy is divided.
I took initiation, practiced Siddha Yoga and recovered from my disease. Now that I am healthy again, I have stopped doing the meditation. Will my disease come back?
While this cannot be generalized, we have largely seen that patients who stop meditating or whose faith wanes after they have recovered do slip back into the disease.
Is my disease cured immediately after taking Initiation?
No. Patience, faith, sincere effort and dedication on your part too, are required.
Like western or conventional medicine is there a guarantee that I will be cured?
No. GSSY does not work like medicine. But if your faith and dedication are firm then GSSY works faster and stronger than any western / conventional medication.
If I am addicted to a substance — alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food etc. — do I try to quit using these before I begin the meditation?
No. Kundalini, the energy awakened by GSSY, knows exactly what is needed for your body. It effortlessly frees you from the substance that is harmful to your body. In short: You don’t need to give up the things, the things will give you up.

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