“I was struggling with my addictions ….and some personal problems in my life since few years and just before 5years from today I came to know about Gurudev siyag meditation and mental chanting of the Mantra and dramatic results by doing it ….since I had tried everything thing before including medical science and going to all sorts of temples and mosques …..but my problems were getting worse ….since I was left with no choice I thought of giving a try and started doing as told by Gurudev in 2014 …..and unexpectedly it started working within few days….my habits of chewing gutka ….and alcohol was gone within few days ….and other problems started getting resolved slowly ……
It’s true and it’s not a miracle but it’s pure spiritual science which we human beings are not aware of ….no Henky penky …..it’s serious …. effective …..free….and result oriented …..
When medical science fails …. Gurudev siyag spiritual science works with 100%results….try it before you are too late.”


My name Harvinder Gogna I am from USA, yesterday was my 3rd day of meditation with guru Ji’s mantra with the help of Guru bhai Hingu Ji I thanks with heart, my sister from chandigarh she contact Hingu ji and tell please contact my brother, he have foot problem .

And brother Hingu ji called on July 29th 2019 and we talked about my problem and he teach me about mantra and on july 30th Brother Hingu ji called me ,we start 15 minutes meditation and after while I open my eyes and brother Hingu was still on the phone and he asked, what happened I told him I see Gurudave, he is trying to say something but I unable to hear anything.

Next day yesterday July 31st when Hangu ji called me and I start meditation I just close my eyes first I see just Gurudev’s picture then I see a big guy with very long hairs head to toes, first I scared then I see Gurudev behind him I asked Gurudev who is he ? Gurudev said didn’t scared he is Dada Guru Gangayi Nath ji, then I bow and prnam to dada guru he was happy then after Gurudev enter in a very big cave it was clean and well floor ,Gurudev was in white kurta pajama with kumandal in right hand and guru ji took some water from kumandal with left hand and splash that water on me then walked away towards some kind of big function I see guru ji climb on a big rock from the left side its looking like steps to the top and there was more them 100 peoples with some like devta and right side I see there was lots of people laying on flowers platforms and now from left side guru ji is coming towards to my side in the very decorative palki I asked, Gurudev who are these peoples laying Gurudev told me they are going to haven then I see the very huge door made with stone approximately 300 ft high opened and all people entered through the door and me and Gurudev left then in the right side of that door I see a big rock open just like Shiva-s third eye and Gurudev start to walk towards to that door and turned

back and told me okay ” Ab Jao Ashirwad ” and Gurudev entered in that door and door close and I open my eyes and check my phone hingu brother was still there I asked him how much minutes I did meditation, he said 32 minutes, then I told him all details I humbly thanks brother Hingu ji and my sister Baby who help me lot and thanks Gurudev ji, and Gurudev ji bless us all

Jai Gurudev all brothers and sisters


I am really thanking you for your post & after going through the website I got intiated & then experience.

It is really wonderful & Its hard to beleive there is force in you & outside that will cure your diseases.

I am suffering from cervical spondylosis & except pain killers ,there are no medicines available.

Ayurveda gave me temp. relief but the procedure is tedious. So I looking for an alternative & saw your thread & started medidation & I am feeling much better now. My gratitude to GURU SIYAG & thanks to your post.

Let MUDRAA members also get the benefit as i am getting now. But you need faith & patience to achive the result.


Raaghavan Karthikeyan

Source: http://www.mudraa.com/trading/50921/0/siddha-yoga-meditation.html

Navy Officer Spiritual Experiences: I was in Navy, served the country from

First of all, I would like to give you a small introduction and would like share my life story in brief so that you would able to realise what exactly Awakening does and how your Life gets Transformed if you find a real Guru on your journey towards your inner Self. Thereafter, I’ll share you the relevant information about that wonderful practice of Spiritual Awakening which transformed my life from Devil to Spiritual.

I must like tell you, I had never thought that I would become a spiritual guy ever. I used to be always in a drunken state when I was off-duty from the ship. I was in navy. I served the country from August 2002 to September 2017 for 15 yrs.

The year 2006 was the most devastating year for me when that Almighty snatched my biological parents and my childhood girlfriend from me. This broke me completely and I became a chain smoker a severe addict of alcohol. Things went worst by mid August 2009 and I got admitted in the naval hospital INHS Aswini. I was suffering from several anxiety disorders along with my addictions problem severely. Also, I used to have weakness, low immunity, some allergic issues, sinus, etc.

And then, the advent of the Divine Intervention came into in my life. I met one of senior guy who’s almost stranger for me as we never met. He offered me to try meditation and taught me about Guru Siyag’s Yoga meditation. I was almost an atheist and never used to believe in God whom we call with different names. I didn’t know what meditation or Guru would do. Also, I never had a wish to follow any Guru or become spiritual, however, I wanted to get rid of my problems anyhow and so I started this practice.

I felt awesome experiences during in and after my very first meditation. I had never tried any kind of meditation before that but it influenced me very much. I felt a heat over my forehead and my body had experienced various yogic movements, though I never did them in life previously. I was totally drenched in sweat in a pleasant weather. It’s mid August and about to rain. I felt the great peace in my mind after my every single meditation which was much needed for a patient of severe depression. And, this was the turning point of my life.

I started the practice doing day and night with utmost dedication as it’s not only helping me to get better in my health issues but also I was experiencing lots of Spiritual realisations. Gradually, I recovered my health and got rid of all addictions over a period of time. But importantly, I experienced many significant life transforming spiritual realisations.

I must tell you that people including my family members (my brothers and sisters) used tease and judge me a lot and always against of my practice of this mystical form of spirituality. But I always ignored them and tried to handle the disappointing situations and fought well with the barriers of my spiritual life and continue on this.

After couple of years, I found that I was loosing my interest in my such a profession and working in war like situation. Subsequently, I was feeling more closer to humanity than ever before and coudn’t imagine to kill anyone. Also, it’s difficult for me to speak tricky. Hence, speaking truth had become a punishment for me. Its very difficult to be tricky or doing anything against of the ethics of humanity. I completed my initial engagement of a long 15 yrs naval service anyhow. And yes, many people used to respect my feelings and supported well.

Now, I have dedicated my life to serve mankind as guided by that Supramental Consciousness who led me into Spirituality. Post retirement, that Almighty has arranged a healthy pension for me as well as some savings which gives me a strong financial back up. Also, I have a small business but I never have to think much on it as one of my friend manage everything and tell me to focus on my work towards spirituality.

Now, I not only practice this wonderful technique of Guru Siyag’s Yoga meditation but also conduct free sessions for needy people as well as share only with them who shows great attention towards their Spiritual Awakening.

I conduct free sessions at schools, colleges and various organisations as per schedule and here on facebook too feeling that I’m just a mere servant of spirituality.

It’s the Divine Grace of Guru that allowed me to experience and explore this Divine Knowledge which is already there in every individual. You just need a proper method or can say the key of the Divine Treasury. I never knew or wanted to be Spiritual but yes, I used to feel very lonely since childhood as no one had understood me. I used to stare at sky whenever alone at nights and calling all the time, ‘ Do You stay there who loves everyone and understands the feelings of every person. So, can you understand mine’. I used to cry as I was an ignored and misjudged child.

I never liked and appreciated religious things and of course an Orthodox thinking which brings separation among people on the name of caste, creed, religion etc. I had a strong view on Oneness. And the reason why, I used to visit and meet my Muslim and Christian friends here though I was warned not to meet them much. I used to eat with them even in one plate and felt great connectivity with humanity.You know why did I like spirituality ?? As soon as I grew on this path. I felt it very much connected with my ethics towards the human values. I can concluded that religions separate humanity whereas spirituality unites.

Anyway, I must say that we are just witnessing the phase of the Divine Transformation but that has already been done.

Here is another spiritual experience from Victoria Sosa, Madrid, Spain

I am really happy, full of joy and gratitude to Gurudev. I bow at his feet today and always, singing with my heart, life and soul Victoria to Gurudev !! Hail Gurudev! Jai Gurudev Ji !!
I had a problem with my eyes with a lot of discomfort since 2008, whose name is Sjögren’s syndrome. It is an autoimmune disorder in which the glands that produce tears and saliva are destroyed, causing dry mouth and eyes. This disorder can affect other parts of the body, including the kidneys and lungs.

I followed a treatment based on eye drops and even a small operation, since 2011, without ever noticing an improvement and with periodic visits to the doctor, every month or two months depending on the condition of the eyes.

Visits that were interrupted in March due to the covid. Well, I started the meditation in December 2019, I was gradually suspending all the drops and medications to feel better and because those drops only did me bad than good. Today I had a visit to the ophthalmologist for the end and victory for Gurudev, I really just went to check it out.

The ophthalmologists could not believe the imposter improvement in my eyes and sight, they spoke among themselves of this miracle. I didn’t want to tell them anything about Gurudev, because they think I’m already a bit crazy !! I could not tax that moment because it is not allowed, but I have been wanting to show them their faces. Thank you, thank you, infinite thanks Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag !!! Blessed your name, blessed your cause, blessed are you !!!



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