GSSY- Guru Siyag Siddha Yoga #DeepMeditation

GSSY is a spiritual practice involving mantra chanting and meditation, originating from the ‘Nath Sect’ ancestral masters. During meditation on Gurudev Siyag’s picture, the seeker experiences automatic Yogic Movements induced by the awakened Kundalini, bringing harmony and balance to the mind, body, and spirit. GSSY is completely ‘Free of Cost’.

The “Nath Sect” ancestral masters are the source of Gurudev Siyag Siddha Yoga. The practitioner is released from the cycle of birth and death as well as all three categories of afflictions—physical, mental, and spiritual—by means of “Kundalini Awakening,” or feminine divine energy, which results from “Shaktipat” initiation.

GSSY Benefits

GSSY offers numerous benefits, including relief from physical diseases, mental disorders, spiritual ailments, addictions, and the cycle of birth and death.

Freedom from Physical and Mental Diseases

Gurudev Siyag’s Shaktipat Initiation awakens the seeker’s Kundalini, allowing them to perform various yogic kriyas such as Asan, Bandh, Mudras, Prananyam, and body movements like clapping, swaying, laughing, crying, and making sounds.

Only the afflicted portion of the body undergoes kriyas. For example, you can perform yoga kriyas in the shoulder and neck areas if you are having trouble with those areas. The kriyas stop happening once the Kundalini strengthens and calms that region.

Yogic kriyas vary from person to person because they are customized to meet the needs of each individual.

During meditation, the Kundalini (Divine Feminine Power) automatically induces these Yogic Kriyas. The Yogic kriyas do not unfold in accordance with the desires of the seeker. The seeker is effortless to stop them or will them to happen.

The body is gradually liberated from all physical diseases, including those that are thought to be incurable by medical science, such as AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Asthma, Hepatitis, Hemophilia (Genetic Diseases), Migraine, etc., as well as mental ailments like stress, depression, phobias, insomnia, anger, etc., by performing these Yogic Kriyas, which also stimulate and tone up the ailing parts of the body and continue to do so until the illness is cured.

The sincerity and commitment of the practitioner to the practice are the only factors that determine the impact of GSSY. The quicker the illness is cured, the more sincerely the practice is carried out.

The immune system is strengthened by regular GSSY practice.

Students benefit greatly from GSSY because it increases their ability to focus, grasp concepts, rapidly boost up memory power and retain information.

Getting Rid of Addictions

Consistent GSSY practice releases the spiritual seeker from all forms of addiction, including those to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and other substances, without causing them to experience any withdrawal symptoms.

The practitioner is not required to exert effort to depart from the subject matter.

The person’s desire to use a specific substance is eliminated by GSSY.

As a result, the practitioner does not exhibit any signs of withdrawal.

The individual does not relapse into the habit because they did not use force to stop using the substance.

The path to freedom from addiction can be summed up by Gurudev Siyag in this way: “The things will give you up; you don’t have to give them up.

In a similar vein, GSSY also eliminates a person’s desire to eat particular foods that might make them sick.

GSSY Spiritual Benefits

Consistent GSSY practice modifies the spiritual aspirant’s tendencies. Spiritual evolution results from the tendencies changing from Tamasic (negative and dark) to Rajasic (passionate and energetic) and from Rajasic to Sattvic (pure and divine).

During meditation, spiritual evolution provides information about the infinite past and future. In his discourses, Gurudev frequently mentioned that when in a state of mediation, the seeker can see and hear an infinite amount of the past and future.

Realizing material fulfillment as well as spiritual enlightenment while raising a family life. According to Gurudev Siyag, the GSSY allows the practitioner to simultaneously experience both material and spiritual progress.

Eventually, the spiritual seeker finds salvation and breaks free from the cycle of birth and death (Moksha, Salvation, Divine Transformation of Human Being).

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